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Our eye is one of the most complex organs of our body. The eye has front curved clear portion called Cornea through which light can pass. Behind the cornea is the Iris. This is composed of muscle fibres with a central circular gap. It is this part which is seen as the coloured (black/blue/green/gray etc) portion of the eye. Iris functions to control the light passing through the central gap called Pupil. When it is dark, the muscle contracts and the central gap becomes wide and when it is bright the muscle relaxes so the pupil becomes small. Behind the iris is the Lens which focuses the light rays. The portion of eye in front of the lens (called anterior chamber) is filled with a watery substance called Aqueous Humour.

The portion of the eye behind the lens is called the Posterior chamber. This chamber is filled with gel like Vitreous Humour. The most delicate and complex part of the eye is the Retina which is present at the back of the eye. The Retina has light sensitive receptors that detect the presence of light and colour. These receptors are of two types – Rods and Cones. The cones are responsible for the detection of colour and high resolution vision while the rods are responsible for light sensitivity.

Near the center of the Retina is a pigmented oval area called Macula which has a high concentration of rods and cones. At the center of Macula is a region called Fovea which has the highest concentration of Cones. Rods are absent in this region. This region is responsible for the central high resolution image. This is the region where the image of an object in the line of sight falls.

Many conditions that affect the retina, affect our vision. The symptoms that can occur as a result are loss of central vision, loss of peripheral vision (tunnel vision), loss of depth perception and contrast, glare sensitivity and night blindness. Many conditions can affect the very delicate and complex Retina. These include age-related conditions (such as Age-related Macular Degeneration), inheritable conditions (such as Retinitis Pigmentosa) and systemic illnesses (such as Diabetes and high blood pressure). We at Sanjeevan Netralaya with the help of Ayurveda Medicine take care of these issues and help you overcome the symptoms you have been suffering from so as to lead a normal life.

"Our Prescribed Ayurvedic Medicine are FDA (India) Approved."

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