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What Is Glaucoma

Sanjeevan Netralaya’s Advanced Ayurvedic Eye Care is the most effective treatment across the globe for Glaucoma. Our treatment for glaucoma includes targeted interventions designed to address key aspects of this condition. By improving retinal blood flow and strengthening optic nerve, our goal is to preserve visual function, slow down the progression of the disease and enhance overall well-being among individuals affected by glaucoma.

Our Advanced Ayurvedic Eye care treatment focuses on:

  • Improved Retinal Blood Flow: Our treatment approach seeks to optimize retinal blood flow. By targeting certain areas with increased circulation, we aim to maintain retinal cell health and preserve visual function.

  • Optic Nerve Strengthening and Degeneration Prevention: Our focus on strengthening the optic nerve to protect it against further degeneration is paramount. Through targeted interventions and therapies, we hope to protect and support it so it continues to serve its critical function of transmitting visual signals to the brain.

Sanjeevan Netralaya’s approach to treating every case and every patient differently with unique tailor made treatments ensures that every patient is getting the right care and efficient treatment. With over 6 lakh successful retinal cases treated, Sanjeevan Netralaya is treats patients with the utmost care after years of research. Book your appointment today!

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