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Initially I tried various treatment for my condition, but none could help me with it. I heard from a friend that Sanjeevan Netralaya might help me with my condition. My experience with them has been good and I am feeling better with their Ayurveda treatment.

Nageshwar Rao (Age – 58 years), Npdr with CSME

I was not aware of what my eye condition was till I met doctors from Sanjeevan Netralaya. They patiently explained the issue and what the treatment could be like. I am glad that I visited their clinic.

Sudha Madhavi (Age – 21 years), uveitis with vitreous haemorrhage

Place – Vizag

I was apprehensive at first to visit Sanjeevan Netralaya so I spoke to couple of people who were taking treatment from them, my cousin from Delhi then confirmed that Sanjeevan Netralaya does treat lot of Retinal issues and so I began my treatment and I am glad I did.

Sangeeta (Age – 37 years), CSR

Place – Haryana

I like their professional approach and clean environment of the clinic. And most importantly the ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. I felt safe in the hands of Sanjeevan Netralaya.

Dhiren Mehta (Age – 30 years), Npdr

Place – Secunderabad

I was told that this is a very common retinal disorder and their clinic is expert at handling such cases. They explained me the disease in detail and that’s when I began taking their ayurvedic medicine. These medicines help and because I went in early stage of my problem the results are great.

Udeep, RP

Place – Banglore

My family is a strong believer of ayurvedic medicines and when we heard that there are medicines for retinal disorders my son insisted me on taking medicines from Sanjeevan Netralaya. It really helped and the doctors are very gentle in explaining things to me.

Moodliar (Age – 70 years), Wet ARMD

Place – Pune

Sanjeevan Netralaya has helped me with my condition and I like to thank them for taking such good care of me and helping me understand the problem and most importantly I could continue with my allopathic diabetic medicines while I was taking Ayurvedic Treatment.

Kuldeep Singh (Age – 69 years), D.R.

Place – Delhi

Good clean environment and professional approach is what made me comfortable. I wish them all the best for such wonderful work they do for patients like us.

Kuldeep Singh (Age – 69 years), D.R.

Place – Delhi

I was very much stressed because of my issue but the way Sanjeevan Netralaya explained and made me comfortable that I felt confident in taking ayurvedic medicines and i also found out that they have been working with retinal patient for last 20yrs.

Vijay Saini (Age – 22 years), R.P.

Place – Haryana

I was so worried with the issue I was facing with my retinal disorder and that too with no knowledge of my condition, but when I visited the clinic they made me aware of my disorder and explained the way they will take care of it with Ayurveda Treatment. I questioned them on their methods and was given satisfactory answers. I would recommend Sanjeevan Netralaya for any such retinal disorder treatment.

Amar Nathreddy (Age – 27 years), Retinal Angiomatosis

Place – Anathapur District


Initially I tried various treatment for my condition, but none could help me with it. I heard from a friend that Sanjeevan Netralaya might help me with my condition. My experience with them has been good and I am feeling better with their Ayurveda treatment.

Similar to the left eye, bleeding occurred in my right eye as well and my vision completely diminished. On my visit to the doctor, he advised me to undergo the same surgery again. This time I was scared and sceptical to repeat the procedure because of the unpleasant past experience.

Luckily, I got to know about Sanjeevan Netralaya’s Ayurvedic treatment during the same time, where many patients have been treated successfully. I started with their treatment immediately. Towards the end of my treatment, I regained more than 90% of my vision in the right eye, and to my surprise, I saw improvement in my earlier operated left eye as well. Today it’s been 2.5 years since my treatment has been completed, and my vision is completely stable.

Dr. Satish Chandra.C.S, Case of Diabetic Retinopathy

Place – Banglore


I am Sadhana Meghare, age 58, and an NRI from Norway. My eye problem began when I got diagnosed with Retinal Vascular Occlusion caused due to diabetes. This condition led to deterioration of my eyesight. I experienced symptoms like blurred vision and vision loss progressed from 20% to 80% in my right eye. 

The only treatment I received was injections in my eyes. And, it was a very expensive and painful procedure. When I came to visit India, I heard of Sanjeevan Netralaya and about their advanced Ayurvedic treatment through medicines.

I decided to try because I was afraid that I might totally lose my vision. The clinic had very advanced equipment and eye specialists who were experts in their field. I began taking the medicines and did not have any side effects. Also, I could carry on my allopathic medication for diabetes and hypertension. Very soon, I stopped taking injections and continued with my Ayurvedic medication at Sanjeevan Netralaya. Now, I am happy for my stable vision. It’s now, almost 80% now. I don’t need any treatment now and only go for check-ups every six months. Thanks to Sanjeevan Netralaya for saving my eyesight.

Sadhana Meghare, Averøyveien 33B, 6530 Averøy

Place – Norway

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