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Lattice Degeneration Symptoms Type Causes & Treatment

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


What is Lattice Degeneration?

Lattice degeneration is a condition affecting the peripheral retina that results in tissue thinning and weakening, commonly found during routine eye exams and commonly considered benign; however, in certain cases lattice degeneration can increase risk for retinal tears or detachments.

Lattice degeneration's exact cause remains unknown, although it is believed to be associated with abnormal collagen fiber formation within the retina. More frequently seen among individuals with nearsightedness (myopia), lattice degeneration tends to affect both eyes.

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What are the symptoms of Lattice Degeneration?

Lattice degeneration symptoms may differ according to an individual; some may not experience any discernible manifestations at all, while in cases with complications the following signs could develop:

· Floaters: Lattice degeneration can produce similar symptoms to other retinal conditions in that it causes the perception of "floaters", small specks or strands that appear to move about within your visual field and may move when trying to focus. These "floaters" may move when trying to focus on them.

· Flashes of Light: Spontaneous flashes of light, often described as sudden and brief bright flickers, can appear suddenly in peripheral vision. They may become particularly noticeable in dimly lit environments or when your eyes move quickly across them.

· Reduced Peripheral Vision: Lattice degeneration may result in decreased peripheral vision, creating a tunnel-like visual field and making it more difficult to spot objects or people nearby. This could create difficulty when trying to detect objects or people through side vision.

Lattice degeneration usually does not necessitate treatment unless complications such as retinal tears or detachments arise, but if sudden vision changes arise or other symptoms appear it is important to consult an ophthalmologist immediately for an eye examination and appropriate management if required.

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What are the causes of Lattice Degeneration?

Lattice degeneration remains poorly understood, however, various factors may play a part in its onset and development. These may include:

· Genetic Risk Factors: Lattice degeneration may have genetic roots; its symptoms often run in families, suggesting a genetic susceptibility. Certain variations may increase your likelihood of lattice degeneration.

· Myopia (Nearsightedness): Lattice degeneration is most frequently found among those suffering from myopia (nearsightedness), a refractive error where distant objects appear blurry and the eyeball becomes longer than normal. Myopia's extended shape causes mechanical strain on peripheral retina, possibly contributing to lattice degeneration development.

· Vitreous Changes: The vitreous is a gel-like substance found inside of our eyes. As we age, its structure may change to become more liquid or may separate from retina, creating pull forces on retina that may lead to lattice degeneration and subsequent lattice degeneration.

· Collagen Abnormalities: Lattice degeneration has been linked with abnormal collagen fibers in the retina. Collagen serves to provide structural support to tissue, and disruption or defects of its fibers could contribute to lattice degeneration by leading to its hallmark thinned and weakened condition.

Lattice degeneration may remain symptom-free and does not necessitate treatment in the absence of complications; however, those living with lattice degeneration are at slightly increased risk of retinal tears or detachments and should undergo periodic eye exams and monitoring by an ophthalmologist to detect and manage any potential issues that may arise.

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