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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Sanjeevan Netralaya’s wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) treatments are tailored to address key aspects of this condition, such as preventing new vessels from forming, absorbing retinal haemorrha ges and increasing reading ability using Advanced Ayurvedic Eye Care. Our aim is to pres

erve vision while slowing disease progression while improving overall well-being. Our treatments help in:

  • Prevention of New Vessel For

mation: We focus on preventing new blood vessel formation and neovascularization that are characteristic of wet AMD by taking measures that inhibit abnormal vascular growth in the retina, thus maintaining vision while slowing disease progression. Through appropriate interventions we aim to stop abnormal blood vessel growth within retina. This may help save vision while slowing disease progression.

  • Absorption of retinal haemorrhages: Wet AMD can lead to haemorrhages in the retina, leading to visual impairment. Our treatment strateg

y seeks to absorb these haemorrhages in order to decrease retinal swelling and promote clearer vision.

  • Enhancement in Reading Ability: We prioritize increasing reading ability for individuals living with wet AMD. Through tailored interventions and therapies, our goal is to increase visual acuity and clarity, leading to improved letter recognition and reading performance.

Sanjeevan Netralaya treats every patient and case differently, with a unique treatment tailored to their needs. This ensures the best possible care for every patient. Sanjeevan netralaya, who has successfully treated over 6 lakh retinal cases after years of research, treats patients with the highest level of care. Schedule your appointment now!

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